Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our new bug out retreat

We have been talking about getting a place in the mountains for quite sometime, and it now appears to happening in the very near future. It's located about 90 miles from our home so it should be reachable under most circumstances.

This goes against what I've been saying for awhile, I have been very adamant about staying at home, and using my in laws home as a secondary site because of the short distance to our home, they have a well, and for being pretty close to us they would be difficult to find by by anyone not familiar to the area.

It's going to be just like starting over again because I don't want to reduce supplies here at the house, but some stuff will have to be relocated. Weapons and fuel will be the first purchases. I keep 30 gallons of gas here at the house and will probably do the same at the new site. In a perfect world I would have another AR-15 stashed with 4000 rounds, but I think we may have look at less expensive choices.

Food and medical supplies will be the third and fourth priorities and they shouldn't be too hard. I'm always adding to the stockpile, so a few more things here and there will add up in no time.I like where I'm at with the meds so it's just going to be a matter of shuffling things around a bit.

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