Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu factsheet

Courtesy of the Allegheny County Health Dept.


I like this store because there isn't the clutter that you would find in normal grocery stores. We were in and out of there in less than 30 minutes with enough supplies for another 3-4 weeks and it was pretty easy on the wallet too.

Medical supplies

This post started out as a medical kit post because I had just finished getting our family medical supplies up to the level that I wanted , but then this swine flu junk started and it kind of pushed my band aids and antiseptic post to the back of the line.

My better half works at one of the local hospitals and as of today there hasn't been any reports of the flu there. Personnel at the hospital have been told that if anyone is showing the symptoms of the flu. give them a face mask and send them to the E.R.

So far it doesn't seem to be a big issue around here, but time will tell if this is the big flu pandemic or not. In any event ,if you haven't started to put away any food I would suggest starting right now. The stores get a little crazy if there is snow in the forecast, just imagine what it will be like if or when the outbreak gets any worse.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gun show update

I just got back from the show in Washington and I was really surprised to see so many vendors there. There wasn't too much ammo ( no big surprise) , but whatever else you could want or need was available. If you get a chance to, head down tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gun show link

Here's a link to the sponsor of the show this weekend. See you there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gun show

If you missed the show a few weeks ago in Greensburg, you get another chance this weekend to see a lot of different weapons in one place. There is a show at the Washington county fairgrounds this Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 both days.

Tea party at Market Square

Well like hundreds of others did today,I braved the weather and headed downtown. For being a workday and pretty crappy outside, there was a pretty good sized crowd. Quinn and Meakam did a good job of getting the crowd fired up. There were a few vendors selling pins and flags, and they seemed to be doing pretty well. Hopefully we will see more of these demonstrations soon and hopefully they will grow in size.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea party

Is anyone going to market square tomorrow? I would expect it to be pretty crowded down there at that time. I'm planning on getting there at around 10:30. See you there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are these people armed ?????????

There are definitely a few nut jobs out their on the web and I seem to be seeing more of them lately screaming about all sorts of conspiracies with aliens, cults, and of course , the return of the dreaded black helicopters. As I read these things, all I can think about is a skit from SNL years ago with William Shatner spoofing a Star Trek convention. He gets up in front of the costumed crowd and says to them "GET A LIFE!!!!!".

Preparing for a disaster, be it natural or man made is one thing, but some of you are really out there. I got nothing else to say about this.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Publicity that we don't need

Read this and see if this sound like anyone you may know.

This guy was an idiot and should not have been breathing when he left that house. I have no use for anyone who takes a life needlessly. This guy was no prepper, just an asshole with a gun. I hope you die soon.

My family recall system

If something would happen right now, would you be ready to go? How about your spouse and children? Are they going about with their lives, or are they sitting around waiting for the trigger event to happen. As the father of a teenager I can tell you that my social princess is out and about doing her normal activities either at the mall or at a friends house,basically as far away from mom and dad as possible. You won't find my wife at home either , she is going on with her normal day to day activities just like I am and I hope the rest of you are, until something triggers us to move to the first phase of our emergency preparation action plan(s).

I have drilled it into my families heads that constant communication is the most important thing that I care about when they are not at home. We constantly in touch with each other with our cellphones, to let each other know where we are at, and who we are with. I get a call from my daughter every two hours or if she leaves her present location. We have had this rule forever and it has become part of her normal daily routine. She also has to carry four quarters on her in case her phone quits, which has been known to happen from time to time. Failure to follow this results in a nonexistent social life.

My lovely wife takes a little bit more to get her to follow my instructions on this , but she has been better at it lately due to certain things that have been happening such as the shootings in New York and more recently this morning in Pittsburgh.

Bottom line is ,you need to be able to get to your family if or when something should happen. All the prepping in the world would become meaningless for me if I didn't have my family with me.