Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bugout , My opinions

We spent this past weekend at hunting camp, and it was awesome getting away from the hectic pace of the city. Nobody else around except for a few other people getting their places ready for the next few weekends.

Now if some event would happen that would trigger a mass exodus from the cities to the countryside, I don't know if I would want to be out here with hordes of people running around the countryside armed and hungry and here's why:

1. Where to go? I know, uncle Joe"s hunting cabin, he will keep us safe,and we can shoot deer for food.

2. If uncle Joe's isn't reachable, or your unwelcome, then what?

3. No medical facilities or access to personnel.

4. Leaving home? So are 500,000 of your neighbors

5. Oh no, I forgot.........!!!!!

6. You drive an Accord/ Camry

7. People like Mayberry will also be out on the road

and the list could go on, but let's break these few down.

1. Good idea, make it seem like a camping trip at first instead of a refugee camp, but you won't be alone out in the woods, everyone else with an uncle Joe had the same idea and once all the game is killed off or run off by all of the suburbanites running through the woods and the last can of pork n' beans have been eaten, then what?

2.If you went to your vehicle right now, how much gas is in the tank? Would you have enough to get say, to a preplanned destination that was about 80 miles away, but with detours that could double your travelling time and idling in traffic will eat up what you have in the tank. Don't forget if you reach your destination, it could be under new management with no reservation for you.

3. Now I know everyone out there has superduper first aid kit, able to treat any type of injury on FEMA/NWO virus out there, but being close to some type of medical facility or personnel would a better option than relying on some farmers wife with a jar of elderberry extract and garlic oil. On our street, I know of at least four Rn's that I could count on for any emergency.

4. Imagine rush hour, and then multiply it at least four. Thousands of cars heading out of the city, with no real destination in mind. they just want out. See ya later. Personally I wouldn't mind if most of my neighbors left. It's not that I don't like them, but that leaves a lot of empty houses to go through picking over what they had left. Just like Walmart, but with better prices.

5. "Honey, I left your blood pressure medicine in the bathroom!" That could be just the beginning. It's 53 degrees in the burgh today, but who knows what next week will bring. Did you bring winter clothing even though your in a t-shirt now? How about that .45 auto you keep in the lock box under your bed? Extra ammo and mags?

6. In a perfect world we would all have an F-250 CREW CAB 4X4 with an 8' bed standing by gassed up and ready to go in a moments notice. Since this is the real world I know a lot of you are probably not in that situation and are driving something a little smaller. Do a load out exercise to see if you can fit all of your essential cargo in your vehicle.

7. Road rage with guns. People with a chip on their shoulder, and think the whole world is out to get them. This is why, out of all the reasons that I have mentioned, this one to me poses the biggest risk to you and your families safety.

These are just my opinions. If they help you in any way with your planning, let me know.