Friday, September 25, 2009

G20 march

I went into town around 1230 to pick up the wife at work. Nothing was happening yet, but the city was ready for them and anything else that might happen. Duquesne University had police in riot gear at the entrances on Forbes Ave. and Mercy hospital had more police there than I've ever seen there out front.That vehicle with the big speaker on top was parked on the riverside of the Armstrong tunnel right up from the county jail.

As we were leaving, I drove a few blocks down 5th Ave. and a lot of the locals had chairs set out on the sidewalk, like they were waiting for the fourth of July parade. Only in Pittsburgh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gun show this weekend

This Saturday and Sunday there is a show at the Washington county fairgrounds. I prefer this show to the one in Greensburg, they do seem to have the same vendors at both, but Washington is bigger. Check out the link for directions and hours. I'll see you there on Sunday.

G20 Day One

I was going to write a short summary on what took place today in town, but since I wasn't there to see firsthand what happened, just check out these links .

Friday, September 11, 2009

G20 and commuting

Well we are a few weeks away from the big event, and as we get closer, we need to take a look at getting in and out of the city without too much of a hassle.
I guess the "T" ( that's our commuter train) is only going to run to First Ave , but I look for that to be shut down at the last minute to keep protesters coming into the city from the south hills, and same with the bus ways to the north and east.

Stopping traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian in the southside from the hot metal bridge to the smithfield st. bridge and some type of obstacles to overcome in or around East Liberty will definitely be problems. I didn't forget about traffic from the north, because you always have problems from that direction anyway.

So my advice would be to stay as far away from dahntahn (downtown for the tourists) as you can.